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HDTV Antennas vs. HD Satellite Dishes: Why You Should Choose an HDTV Antenna

Many think of the TV antenna as an obsolete technology, but this could be no further from the truth. There’s a reason there is still a big market for HDTV antenna systems out there.

Many cord cutters are switching to antenna systems to cut their bills. There are surprising perks to picking this “old school” option, with only a fraction of the cost.

Even then, the question still stands. Is there a difference between HDTV antenna and HD satellite dishes? Yes, there are and we bet you’ll feel a pleasant surprise.

In this article, we’ll talk about the differences of satellite antenna from HDTV antenna. Why is antenna better than satellite? Why should you choose antenna vs cable?

You’re about to find out below:

1. Savings

When you’re picking the more affordable option, the choice should always be HDTV antenna instead of satellite antenna dish.

Using satellite dish as TV antenna sounds like a good way to do things, but there are many problems to this.

First, you’ll save a lot of money if you start using a digital antenna instead of a satellite TV antenna. This is due to the fact that over-the-air channels (OTA) are, by nature, free. All you need is a one-time buy of the antenna device and you’re good to go.

When it comes to satellite dishes, you still would need to pay for a subscription fee per month. On the subscription alone, we’re looking at a $70 to $300 savings if you pick antenna vs cable.

That money could go to other utilities. You can even use cheaper ways to bolster your TV viewing habits like Netflix.

A combination of free OTA channels and Netflix can go a long way if you’re a TV addict.

2. Video and Sound Quality

With picture quality, your digital “antennas televisions” will have better quality. This is due to the lack of signal compression with OTA signals, in comparison to cable and satellite.

Free, over the air channels are in full-strength, with zero need for encryption. Satellite TV needs to compress their signals to make transmission easier. The picture and sound quality, however, is much worse than OTA signals.

Instead of a satellite antenna, a digital TV antenna gives you uncompressed content. This equates to a superior picture and audio quality that does not degrade in bad weather conditions. Your satellite TV antenna, however, will degrade as the weather gets worse as well.

There are also rural areas, where cable channels are non-existent.

3. Free Sub Channels

When it comes to antenna vs cable on the sheer number of channels available, the cable would win. No question about it.

Your “antennas televisions”, however, has one trick up its sleeve. Many broadcast stations provide a sub-channel to their regular broadcast. These sub-channels are something you can catch with a digital TV antenna!

Many of these channels vary in availability depending on your area, but many of them are quite useful. Some channels offer all-weather, all-day information. Some may even provide older re-runs of your favorite shows.

The point is, you don’t get this with your satellite antenna. You won’t even get this if you’re using satellite dish as a TV antenna.

Regional programming is free, and many of your cable or satellite companies will not have them. If you’re in two different TV markets, you can even get more channels not available to your locale.

4. Channel Value

Why should you choose an HDTV antenna over a satellite TV antenna? The simple answer is you don’t need it. We’ll prove it to you as well.

Out of the hundreds of channels available to cable users, how many do you watch? Many people still watch mainstream channels more than special cable channels. If you think about it, half the channels you get from cable or satellite are worthless to you.

A TV antenna gives you all the mainstream channels, which is all you’ll ever need. Only if you’re a reality TV buff burning hours on show after show, mainstream programming is all you’ll need.

Everything else you might want are on streaming platforms these days, which will cost you less than $10 to subscribe. Even then, you won’t need those too much.

5. Using Satellite Dish as TV Antenna

If you have an old satellite dish but want to cord cut, you can use it to assist your HDTV antenna. Using satellite dish as TV antenna is possible. By combining both, you can boost the signal strength of your digital TV antenna.

Why would you want this? For one, you can get a better resolution if you use both. A combo satellite antenna can handle up to 1080p resolution. Some companies are even testing dishes in 4K resolution.

For those who move a lot as well, a combination satellite TV antenna is the best choice. A TV antenna is a direct-to-line type signal, which means it works best without obstructions. If you can’t go to your roof, creating a combo system as your “antennas televisions” give you a good signal each time.

6. Reliability

As we noted, when it comes to antenna vs cable or even satellite, it’s the superior device during disaster situations. When a typhoon or a tornado is up, an HDTV antenna can help give you a consistent, clear reception every time. Satellites and cables, however, go down quickly with rain fade.

Keeping a signal is crucial in periods of bad weather. From snow to hurricanes, you want to be abreast with the right information. A digital TV antenna will not fail you in this department due to its superior signal strength.

HDTV Antenna Is Better Than HD Satellite Dishes

When it comes to HD satellite dishes vs digital TV antenna, choosing the antenna is the smart choice. It is clear, reliable, and free, which is great for houses looking to cut the cord. There’s no better choice than to get an HDTV antenna and bolster it with your online streaming service of choice if you want.

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